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Hailey Michelle Bodywork

The Difference You’re Looking For


At HMBW you can expect treatments to be tailored to your needs. I will address the muscular, fascial and lymphatic systems of the body in almost every session. I am happy to consult with you about your goals so that we can determine what will give you the best results. What sets me apart from most massage therapists is my knowledge in a fascial treatment called resistance stretching. I am results oriented and find a satisfying partnership is when our goals are observably met quickly, be it relaxation or therapeutic. I love to work with every client especially those that understand the importance of specific and healthy movement to keep our fascia happy!

60/75/90 min

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Face Massage

60/ 75/ 90 min

Coming soon!


About HMBW

Meet Hailey

With a heart to heal, I learned from a young age that the body was an integral part of the human experience. Our experience with our body is, in effect, a parallel with how we experience our relationships and surroundings.Losing the ability to play soccer at the ripe age of 16 due to a sports related knee injury, I knew the solution to my sorrow was through movement. I began doing yoga and felt my body energetically unpacking the heaviness that I did not know could be released. Although there was nothing that could replace the feeling of goal keeping, yoga was my first adaptation to movement post injury that truly allowed me to take a new step forward.


After living abroad in Chile practicing Hatha yoga, I returned to the United States to complete a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training through Yoga Works. In 2012, Yoga Works anchored within me a deep understanding of the body and biomechanics, the training went far beyond teaching poses alone. The blend between Ilyengar, Vinayasa, and Hatha taught me about isometric engagement in poses in which I excelled at teaching others to move with intention through each pose.  Within the curriculum I began to see how we can kinesthetically support the body as a whole through proper sequencing.  A question I would ask often is what do we need to get to where we are going? I taught yoga classes and enjoyed most working with clients one on one in an individualized and detailed manner. I also studied and completed a 40 hour Acro Yoga Teacher training where I learned how to make poses more fun for advanced students and more accessible to those needing assistance. 


I began to merge my experience teaching yoga with hands on work studying massage therapy at Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute. In 2014, I completed a 550 Hour massage therapy program and have been licensed ever since. My Montana Licensed Massage Therapist # is 20165. In massage school I studied many modalities and found myself always drawn to blend therapeutic and relaxing modalities within one session. I combine Swedish/deep tissue/myofascial release/trigger point/Lymphatic Drainage/Orthopedic ROM in my massage.  My massage is therapeutic in nature but I also do a lot of work to tone down the nervous system by applying relaxing modalities and abdominal/ diaphragmatic work. In addition to seeing clients to address pain, repetitive stress related injuries, and relaxation, I also specialize in prenatal and postnatal massage therapy.  My Montana LMT # is 20165.


In 2016, I was introduced to the most functional and results oriented modality I have ever come across called, The Genius of Flexibility. This modality was discovered by Bob Cooley after learning how to recover from a severe accident that left him biomechanically impaired for years. Without finding answers externally, he began to discover how to heal his fascial system that was keeping him from standing up straight and walking properly. Resistance Stretching holds the notion that a muscle must be able to contract well to experience optimal range of motion. I trained with Bob Cooley and the elite trainers for 2 years. In addition, I assisted in private sessions and trainings while also teaching self stretch classes. I worked with clients dedicated to improving their lives physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. The modality is designed to improve lives in various ways and I dedicated my time learning how to identify problems and find solutions in order to bring results to every client.

My latest course of action has been to understand the lymphatic system and how doing so can enhance one's health and beauty.. I have studied lymphatic drainage massage under the Chikly Institute completing the Level I training. Another master of the body, Perry Nickleston has been impressing on people the importance of blood flow and lymphatic fluid. I took my first course with Perry in 2023 called Lymph Mojo. My next endeavor will be to learn the technique Sculptural Face Lifting by Yakov Gershkovich in 2024. Yakov has created an elite beautifying technique to address facial lines, fluid and beauty. As a massage therapist on fire with passion, I continue to pursue my interests to give each of you a unique experience.


Through my journey as a bodyworker it is my upmost goal to inspire curiosity within each of my clients and for them to further understand that variety is fundamental to human health and fitness. 

By far the best massage I have ever had! Hailey is extremely educated with the body and honestly relieved a lot of my pain with just 1 massage! I highly recommend her!

S., Karissa

I found Hailey via a Nextdoor recommendation. I have now had three appointments with her and she is a terrific therapeutic massage therapist and really understands all the connections thru the body. She can find muscles that need work without you even knowing there was an issue. She doesn't talk through the entire massage with idle chitchat but is easy to talk to when you need to explain what you need.

B., Kelly

Outstanding work! I feel  a billion timees better. Will be a repeat customer. Would 100% recommend.

C., Paul

Hours of Operation

92 North Broadway, Belgrade, Montana

Tuesday & Thursday 10:30-4:30

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